Necromandus - Orexis Of Death (1996)

Illustrating evil in a soft, bluesy way, "Orexis Of Death" does indeed remind the listener of the one responsible for its discovery -- Tony Iommi. The band's history, as re-told by the press, mirrors Pentagram's, for they were also a pioneering proto-doom metal act with thousands of internal and external conflicts. The case of Necromandus, however, can be observed as rather ambiguous, in regards to certain points; for instance the sudden break-up of the band, just before they got into a deal with the giant label Vertigo, and right after finishing the recording session with none other than Black Sabbath's Iommi. Nevertheless, their music has pretty much outlasted any odd circumstance, and no matter how short in length, it remains just as important, in the history of doom metal. Bill Branch, gives a top-notch performance as the vocalist, on par with Greg Lake and Michael Winzkowski, and Barry Dunnery, the guitarist, simply nails it. A classic in every sense.

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