Black Tusk - Set The Dial (2011)

One year after what I would like to think of as their masterpiece, "Taste The Sin", Black Tusk are back with another punk-fueled sludge record called "Set The Dial". The record sees the band go back to their roots again, and it is as though the "Taste The Sin" album was this one extraordinary 'thing' that came out of nowhere -- a spirit that spoke thru the trio for that period only. And it is essential to note that I've been fan of early Blacktusk, and that by talking highly of the "Taste The Sin", it is not my aim to bash the other records --"Set The Dial" included. It's just that the band clearly has the potential to do records that I would think to be more powerful; but, in the end that is all up to the band, and if they themselves don't observe it the way I do, well, that's that.