Brutal Truth - End Time (2011)

After 2009's "Evolution Through Revolution", which was their first album in nearly ten years, and the release of Kevin Sharp's hardcore punk sideproject, Primate's EP, "Draw Back A Stump", earlier this year; grindcore veterans Brutal Truth are back mightier than before with 23 new tracks, as a full-length named "End Time". The record starts off similar to "Need To Control", with 'Malice', a slow-burner akin to 'Collapse', set to prepare the listener for the mass of supersonic grind to come; while it ends with 'Control Room', a harsh noise improvisation reminiscing the hidden track off "Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom", 'Prey'. Produced and most importantly crafted in a chunkier, heavier way compared to the crisp, swollen sound heard on "Evolution Through Revolution", "End Time" sees Brutal Truth move toward a more polished sound, just like Cripple Bastards, Phobia, and Napalm Death. And as suggested by the title, the lyrics mostly deal with the Hegelian concept of history and the end of it.