Sludge Metal Massacre Vol. 1 (2011)

It's been a long time I got this idea about creating some sort of a compilation for the sludge scene, which I believe deserves more attention, something like 80's 'Metal Massacre', to both be this selection of songs off the finest records released in each year, and to introduce people to the genre. Here it is now, the very first volume of the 'Sludge Metal Massacre':

The tracklist:

01 - Brewing The Storm (Black Tusk)
02 - Avalanche (Black Cobra)
03 - Brown (Rue)
04 - Long Gone (Weedeater)
05 - Warm Flesh (Acephalix)
06 - Unholy Foe (Hail!Hornet)
07 - It Was Beautiful But Now It's Sour (Rwake)
08 - Let Me Mourn (Crowbar)
09 - Nomadic (Sourvein)
10 - Bend (Hank III)
11 - The Crawling Chaos (Brachiosauride)
12 - Junkie (Buzzov•en)
13 - Santabbath (Fister)
14 - Single Malt (Iron Witch)
15 - The Beauty Of Death (Brainoil)
16 - Medicine Noose (Live) (Eyehategod) (Bonus)

The records:

Black Tusk - Set The Dial
Black Cobra - Invernal
Rue - Thorns
Weedeater - Jason...The Dragon
Acephalix - Interminable Night
Hail!Hornet - Disperse The Curse
Rwake - Rest
Crowbar - Sever The Wicked Hand
Sourvein - Black Fangs
Hank Williams III - Attention Deficit Domination
Brachiosauride - Excavations
Buzzov•en - Revelation: Sick Again (Originally Released In 2001)
Fister - And Their Masters Bled For Days (Split W/The Lion's Daughter)
Iron Witch - Single Malt
Brainoil - Death Of This Dry Season
Eyehategod - No Official Material (Recorded Live In 2011, Off The Upcoming Full-Length)

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