Buck Satan And The 666 Shooters - Bikers Welcome Ladies Drink Free (2012)

I remember hating dance music from day one. As a consequence, I ignored the industrial rock/metal 'thing' entirely. That remained so, until the day I got my first Ministry record: "Psalm 69". The record came to my attention partially due to William Burroughs' involvement, and though it wasn't strictly industrial, and marked Ministry's second major metal effort as well, it did blew me away. It was fundamentally different from anything I had heard before, and the most significant reason behind that, was Al's fascination with the blues, which he was translating into more groove-based structures. Here we are now with a new side project of his -- Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters. At first, it reminded me of the whole idea behind Ministry's "Cover Up", but it turned out rather different when I gave it a listen. The project can be explained as a cut between the electro/industrial rock of the kinds of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and Revolting Cocks (Al's other side-project), and the hellbilly sound of Hank III. And it's pretty damn great, too.