John Zorn - The Mysteries (2013)

No matter if you're into free jazz or grindcore, you must have heard about John Zorn if you're into experimental music in general. Being involved in countless number of projects, and varieties of different music genres, Hemophiliac, the Lounge Lizards' song 'John Zorn's S&M Circus' and Naked City's soundtrack to Michael Haneke's "Funny Games" were the main three keys to the door of discovering Zorn for me. His latest solo record called "The Mysteries" has been released about two weeks ago and it's in the vein of his previous efforts like "Magick", "Redbird", "Chimeras" and "From Silence To Sorcery": a minimal take on contemporary classical music. In the first listen it reminded me of Philip Glass' "Music With Changing Parts", with an additional guitar line, however it goes beyond that, and in the second and third listens, I came to think of it as a meditation on the theme of everything enigmatic. Conceptually, it seems to be partially based on Gnosticism, making references to the Naassenes, Yaldabaoth, and Catharism, in the song titles, yet due to being completely instrumental, I believe it is more of a meditation on those ideas as a basis, rather than a musical tractate.