Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away (2013)

It's almost impossible to put in words how much I loved Grinderman. First time I heard about it, the whole idea of having a new band with the same musical attitude as the Birthday Party's with Warren Ellis being involved, psyched the fuck out of me. Those two records they did was better than anything Nick Cave had put out with the Bad Seeds in the past two decades before it -- free jazz-inspired raw slabs of garage rock was all that I wanted to hear Nick's vocals over. "Push The Sky Away" is the very first material recorded after the demise of Grinderman and it's like everything in the opposite direction: no fuzzed out electric violin lines, no murky mandolin lines, and no psychedelia on the keyboards. However, the factor that makes it unique is its minimal approach. This is why I fucking love Nick Cave. Even when he's doing something straightforward, it's got to be twisted from some other aspect.