Confine - Setting Fire To The Western Hemisphere (2013)

Confine are a grindcore supergroup comprising members of the Afternoon Gentlemen, Oblivionized, Corrupt Moral Altar, and Human Cull. While playing the ol' super-fast, short, and rampaging grind, they've got an overall layer of buzzing noise in both vocals and guitars, yet they're far from the noisegrind spectrum. Their sound isn't much bass-driven and it's more of a thrashed out scorch, so it's just as good as a Phobia record for getting a thrash metal fan into grindcore; since it's not all bestial, all muddy, and it's not half-assed either. As an avid TAG fan I played the fuck out of this EP, even though it was less crusty, and less powerviolence-rooted, I enjoyed the different direction they explored on it.

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