Sludge Metal Massacre Vol. 3 (2013)

The third volume of the Sludge Metal Massacre compilations is up and ready, as always for all of you who either are or aren't familiar with the acts in the sludge, doom, hardcore, and crust scenes; featuring the finest and filthiest of the past year's releases. Needless to mention, this is a free, non-profit compilation, so make sure to support the bands with either buying their records and merch, attending their gigs, or donating money. Here's a list of all the records featured in Volume 3:

Rorcal - Világvége
Coilguns - Commuters
I Klatus - Kether
Mammoth Grinder - Underworlds
Doom - Corrupt Fucking System
Plague Mask - The Frailty Of Human Existence
Full Of Hell - Rudiments Of Mutilation
Terrorist Financing - Robbed/Wrecked
Akimbo - Live To Crush
Church Of Misery - Thy Kingdom Scum
Nails - Abandon All Life
Black Pyramid - Adversarial
Forced Opinion - Life In Fear
Integrity - Suicide Black Snake
Seven Sisters Of Sleep - Opium Morals
Bullpig - Destruction Of A Classic
All Pigs Must Die - Nothing Violates This Nature
Extant - What Are You Doing With Your Life?
Alabama Kush - Nuclear Beachparty Sessions
Gnaw - Horrible Chamber
Hatred Surge - Human Overdose
Cathedral - The Last Spire
HaiKai No Ku - Sick On My Journey
The Quash Wagon Reclusion - Blatancy
Adolescents - Presumed Insolent
Clagg - Gather Your Beasts
Zozobra - Savage Masters
Foiled - Scum Oath
Confine - Setting Fire To The Western Hemisphere
Corrections House - Last City Zero
Scab Addict - Split W/STDFN
KEN Mode - Entrench
Trouble - The Distortion Field
Melvins - Tres Cabrones
Bongripper - Split W/Hate

And the tracklist:

01 - I (Rorcal)
02 - Minkowski Manhattan Distance (Coilguns)
03 - John Of The Network (I Klatus)
04 - Barricades (Mammoth Grinder)
05 - Eat Shit & Buy (Doom)
06 - Botched Swimming Lessons (Plague Mask)
07 - The Lord Is My Light (Full Of Hell)
08 - 7 (Terrorist Financing)
09 - The Fucking French! (Akimbo)
10 - Brother Bishop (Gary Heidnik) (Church Of Misery)
11 - Wide Open Wound (Nails)
12 - Swing The Scimitar (Black Pyramid)
13 - Life In Fear (Side A) (Forced Opinion)
14 - All Is None (Integrity)
15 - The Flock (Seven Sisters Of Sleep)
16 - Destruction Of A Classic (Bullpig)
17 - Faith Eater (All Pigs Must Die)
18 - What Are You Doing With Your Life? (Extant)
19 - Tumbleweeds (Alabama Kush)
20 - Water Rite (Gnaw)
21 - Body (Hatred Surge)
22 - Cathedral Of The Damned (Cathedral)
23 - Sleep On Horseback (HaiKai No Ku)
24 - Waffle Irons, Shampoos, And Blended Whiskeys (The Quash Wagon Reclusion)
25 - Big Rock Shock (Adolescents)
26 - The Dream Is Dead (Clagg)
27 - A Chorus Of War (Zozobra)
28 - First Fix (Foiled)
29 - Abstraction (Confine)
30 - Drapes Hung By Jesus (Corrections House)
31 - Opus: The Rapid Defleshing Of Your Face Skin At Accelerated Rates (Scab Addict)
32 - The Terror Pulse (KEN Mode)
33 - Your Reflection (Trouble)
34 - I Told You I Was Crazy (Melvins)
35 - Fisting (Bongripper) (Bonus)

Enjoy and share it with your friends too, as both Facebook and have screwed up a great deal of our communication means; with the introduction of Facebook's promotional mechanism earlier this year, and the inability of group leaders to send collective messages for groups with more than 110 members in