Machinefabriek - Attention, The Doors Are Closing! (2014)

People know me as someone who doesn't care for nationality, oddly enough I received an email from Rutger Zuydervel on the same day that I watched Alex Van Warmerdam's "Borgman". Machinefabriek is known for the idea of 'films without image'; that is in this case a score originally written for an avant-garde dance piece of the same name by choreographer Iván Pérez. So, in other words, listening to the record is analogous with that of listening to an opera -- it initially lacks what in psychoanalysis Lacan called the Other. The Other here is the spectacle, the performance. It is relatively a gracious point to reach, as the listener, since one can construct this vanished point of reference for himself. And to be tactless, I can affirm Machinefabriek's usually abstract audial imagery enables almost every sort of listener to do this job unconsciously.