Ancestral House Of The Sun - Ancestral House Of The Sun (2010)

I used to be so deeply possessed by the surf rock sound that I almost banned anything that didn't have enough feedback to it. But, like Proust points it out in "Within A Budding Grove", "the character which a man exhibits in the latter half of his life is not always, even if it is often his original character developed or withered, attenuated or enlarged; it is sometimes the exact opposite, like a garment that has been turned", and therefore, in time, I also got into Sandy Bull, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Ralph Stanley, the Angles of Light, John Fahey, and later, Steve Von Till. The self-titled debut from Ancestral House of the Sun, which I'm to present to you today, may not be released by Neurot, but is -- both conceptually and musically -- a record harpooned and carved out of the bleak, and it might as well be a proper instance of the so-called apocalyptic folk subgenre.

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