Primate - Draw Back A Stump (2011)

If I were supposed to tell you the whole story about this EP in one phrase, it'd be something like 'sixteen minutes of kickass, old-school hardcore as seen by a bunch of grind freaks'. The primate in the band's name and in the album's cover is to scream, for one, whatever the 80's LA punk stood for -- the rebel, and the simplicity of the rebel. Even the Black Flag cover -- 'Drinking & Driving' -- could be seen as a pastiche, rather than a homage, since Primate is a project set to re-imagine Black Flag, just like Venomous Concept, was; Poison Idea. Now, count Primate, along with OFF!, Jello Biafra (And the Guantanamo School of Medicine), the Casualties, Arson Anthem, Adolescents, Sick of it All, and the endless crust, grind, and powerviolence bands out to there, and see if punk's still dead or not.

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