Bong - Bethmoora (2008)

What does the word 'Bong' remind you? Bongzilla? Bongripper? These guys are simply Bong; some freaks who diametrically know what they are doing, which is a sinister re-imagining of psychedelia, within the drone doom domain. It's as if Om were supposed to work on an album like Sunn's "Black One" -- yes, precisely, if that were the case, the result would have been "Bethmoora". The album contains three songs; all of them running over 20 minutes. A highly experimental record one might asses, but the length here plays the same role it does in La Monte Young's, that is nothing. Nothing? Indeed. The time here is thoroughly ignored, or better say; suspended. The entire sonic astration takes more than an hour and it barely exceeds four musical themes, and yet, Bong's music has a lot to do with the beat, and it is nowhere as close as the "Earth 2 Special Low-Frequency Version"-type drone. It would be thus more proper to call Bong, purveyors of slow-motion kosmische metal, rather than drone doom.